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Safe and Accessible Spaces for All with Accessibility Renovations

Combining beautiful architectural design with fully functional and accessible elements is one of the biggest challenges in constructing accessible areas. The experienced team at Hunke Construction would be proud to work on your accessibility project to create a better and safer place for everyone. No matter if it is a large commercial project or a small renovation for your apartment, we are here to make your life easier and safer.


Do you need to make your home entrance accessible? We can offer a wide variety of solutions including stairlifts, vertical platform lifts, ceiling lifts, and residential elevators to make your mobility easier and create a better environment for your daily life. We are also able to design and construct ramps for either residential or commercial purposes.


There are many important aspects of the design process for accessible environments, such as the type of disability you are designing for, family dynamics, and the architecture of the house or apartment unit. We are able to install functional elements in every room such as accessibility assisted living bathtubs, wheelchair showers, toilet area grab bars and other helpful bathroom products and fixtures. We can also design and build a barrier free and wheelchair accessible kitchen.


At Hunke Construction, we pride ourselves on constructing accessible areas for a wide variety of institutions including churches, schools, theatres, libraries, hospitals, and nursing homes as well as various residential, commercial and industrial buildings. 

Whether you need to add accessibility to newly constructed buildings or improve access to existing buildings, we are able to find and create a perfect solution to meet your needs. From building ramps for better and safer access to the building to complex renovations and adaptation to the interior building design, we are committed to building accessibility into your space. We aim to create environments that maximize people's safety and independence in addition to improving their social lives.


Learn more about what to expect when you choose to work with us!

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